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Amazed they are holding up so well and are exactly what I wanted for the beach and camping.

-- Tony --

About B Cups

Each style cup is BPA and BPS free they are high temp dishwasher safe and they are made to enhance your craft beer experience in places where glass isn't an option.

What's so special about these plastic beer cups?

B Cups deliver the experience of a glass in a plastic cup.

B Cups make days more enjoyable.

Days Poolside
Days Hiking Trails
BBQ Days
Beach Days

B Cups On The Go

B Cups are great anywhere but are ideal for all activities where you can't bring glass.

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Our Testimonials

  • I think the idea behind the B Cup is awesome. There are plenty of situations where I can definitely see the B Cup as a preferable option to the red Solo cup.

  • This will be with me on every hike and camping adventure from here on out!

  • B Cups make IPA taste better, and I’ve also enjoyed a Wit, Pale Ale, Porter and Saison in them. When I’m enjoying a beer on my deck, I pour it into a B Cup and do not worry about my dogs knocking it over.

    Kendall Beermakesthree.com

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